Why Frank´s Pro Gold?

Frank’s Pro Gold is a Super Premium quality dry food which is manufactured in one of the most modern factories and designed by the best nutritional experts in Europe. By cutting down the overhead costs, we can keep reasonable prices for our customers without compromising the quality.
The main source of protein in Frank’s Pro Gold dry food is always first quality meat – the very same quality used in food appropriate for human. We do not use low quality by-products (such as feathers, feet or beaks) nor do we use grain gluten to make the protein content seem higher. Our food does not contain ingredients that most commonly cause food intolerances, such as wheat, soya or blood, or any gene-manipulated constituents.

We offer the best nutritional values, the most advanced process of manufacture, and first quality raw materials to make sure our most important customers, the dogs eating Frank’s Pro Gold, are fully satisfied with our food.

We at Frank’s Pro Gold offer
complete satisfaction guarantee
for every bag with a full refund.

Retailer is obliged to refund the price of the bag in case a customer returns a bag with a complaint, and is entitled to get a new bag for free with next order.


How about dogs with special needs? Frank’s Pro Gold product line consists of 15 different functional recipes designed to meet the needs of dogs at all ages, breeds and sizes, different activity levels or nutritional demands. Please explore our complete product line here to learn more. 
Our processing, transporting and storing systems are highly controlled. Our manufacturer follows the GMP standard as well as HACCP standard in addition to holding the NEN-EN-ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System certificate. These standards confirm for example traceability of all the raw materials, hygiene in storage and good manufacturing practices. 

Considering both price and quality
Frank’s Pro Gold is simply
the best choice.

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