LAMB & RICE 23/10

Available in sizes: 3 kg / 15 kg

Frank's Pro Gold Lamb & Rice is a delicious complete food for adult dogs with normal or low energy level. This recipe is suitable for most dogs with food intolerances, because its main protein source is high-quality dehydrated lamb meat. Well digestible rice and barley are used as source of carbohydrate. Lamb & Rice is also a great choice for managing minor weight problems because of its lower fat percentage. The ideal ratio of Omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids not only promotes healthiness of skin and coat but also alleviates possible allergic symptoms.

As every recipe of our product line, this dry food contains no wheat, soy, blood or genemanipulated ingredients. 

Ingredients: dehydrated lamb (20 %), rice (14 %), barley, fish meal, beet pulp, flax seed, chicken fat, hydrolysed chicken liver, minerals & vitamins, egg powder, yeast, L-carnitine, lecithin (0,5 %), inuline, salmon oil, taurine. Preserved with natural antioxidants.

Analysis: Protein 23,0 %, fat 10,0 %, fibre 3,5 %, ash 6,8 %, moisture 8,0 %, phosphor 1,1 %, calcium 1,6 %.

Added: Vitamin-A (E672) 18000 IU/kg, vitamin-D3 (E671) 1800 IU/kg, vitamin-E (as dl-alpha-tocoferolacetate) 200 mg/kg, vitamin-C (as l-ascorbic acid phosphate) 100 mg/kg, E1 50 mg/kg, E2 1,5 mg/kg, E4 5 mg/kg, E5 35 mg/kg, E6 65 mg/kg.




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